Wedding Dress Shopping and Bridal Stores Kelowna

Looking at all the wedding magazines can get the bride-to-be all excited about dresses that are way out of her price range. A good idea is to sit down and look over the full budget for your wedding and then decide on what part of that budget will be set aside for the bride’s wedding gown.

Setting a budget for the gown will help to keep the bride focused while searching top bridal stores Kelowna for styles and materials that are within the budget.

When to Start Shopping

It is a good idea to start shopping 9-12 months before your big day. There are factors that need to be considered when buying your wedding gown. It takes about 4-10 months for a gown to be made and shipping times must be considered. If your dress is coming from Paris, it will need alterations and sometimes multiple fittings before it is perfect. Your gown could take up to 12 months to be ready to wear.

If you do not have that kind of time to wait for a dress, some designers do offer rush services, but you will end up paying more for your wedding dress. If you are lucky to fit into a sample size dress that is taken off the rakes, many shops will give you a lower price.

Styles of Wedding Dresses

Choose a couple of different styles that you like the most. Cut out some pictures of the styles you think will fit you best. Your stylist will be able to pull a few to show you and see if they are what you are looking for in a wedding dress.

Bridal Salon Appointments

If you are looking in different salons for your dress, make your appointments all in one day or at least on the same weekend. This way you will have each dress fresh in your mind.

Choose Who You Want to Shop with You

Pick the people who will be helping you pay for your dress and who will give you positive ideas on what looks good or not. Do not make your group to big when shopping for your gown.

Usually, the future Mother in Law is invited, your mom and or dad, your maid of honor and maybe your bridesmaids. Remember not everyone has to be invited. Take time to have lunch and show your party how you appreciate their advice.

Undergarment to Bring When Shopping

Nude colored panties are best and a bra is not really needed. Most wedding gowns have more support than regular strapless dresses. You may decide what bra you need after you have picked your dress. When you are having your alterations done, you can have a fancy bra sewn into your gown.

Don’t Worry About Sizing

Wedding dresses have completely different sizing. Your size in a normal dress will most likely be larger than the size wedding dress you buy. Wedding dresses in the salon come in many different sizes and they can clip the back so it fits close enough for you to get a good idea of how it will look in your size.

Take Pictures of Your Favorite Dresses

The pictures will help you to compare other dresses at the next salon and see which ones you like best. Make sure your friends take both the front and the back of the dress.

Say Yes to the First Dress

Do not be afraid to say that the first dress you try on is exactly what you are looking for in a wedding dress. You may continue with your other appointments but that first dress will always be in your mind.

Bundle Your Wedding Items

Some salons will bundle your dress, veil, and accessories and give you a better price so you can stay within your budget.

Paperwork for Your Purchases

Make sure you save all your contracts. These will have your future fitting dates and tentative delivery date for your wedding gown.

Wedding Gowns and Styles

With a large number of different styles, the future bride can find the perfect fit no matter what their figure is. Bridal shops usually carry the hourglass figure, mermaid and sexy wedding dresses. Brides will have a number of options to choose from and be that princess on their wedding day.

Length of Dress and Sleeves

Future brides should check out shops that have a good selection of dresses with different lengths, bodice options, and sleeve lengths available. Dresses come with full-length sleeves, elbow length, and bodices of all different styles and lengths.

Options of Sizes

Wedding dress shops carry a variety of sizes from very small to plus sizes. They also offer custom made options so the future bride has that perfect fit. Getting your wedding dress tailored to your figure will make your dress fit like a silk glove. Bliss Bridal salons know that the bride has a lot to get organized so they do their best to make sure your wedding gown is perfect and to the bride’s satisfaction.

The Perfect Wedding Shoe

The bride’s wedding shoes are important. They need to be comfortable, stylish and unique. The bride will have many different styles and colors to choose from for that special day. The traditional flats, heels, and wedges can be made with lace, sequins, bows, flowers or anything you can imagine. Sandals are great for the summertime and can be dressed up for your perfect wedding day.

Bridal Stores

Many wedding dress stores carry a massive range of different wedding dresses for the future bride to choose from. Shops usually carry long sleeve, classic vintage theme dresses, and tea length wedding dresses. Bridal stores carry a wide collection of gowns in a multitude of different fabrics. Brides can choose from satin, lace, cotton, tulle and much more depending on the season or their venue.

Your bridal salon stylist will help you find that perfect wedding gown and set up fitting times for alterations and delivery date. Shops will have the veils and all the accessories to complete your beautiful wedding outfit.

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