Prepare Your Wedding Day Smile with Your Kelowna Dentist

You are the star attraction on your wedding day, and everyone wants a lovely photograph with your smiling face. You know very well what it takes to ensure a perfect smile with pearl white teeth of yours. The brides are more particular about it and want to look the best on this most special day.

People visit the dentist before the wedding day to treat common dental issues like stains, discoloring, chips, or cracks. During the engagement period, you have several options to ensure a lovely smile before the wedding day finally arrives.

You can choose to get a slow at-home TLC treatment at your convenience or quick, professional service at the dentist’s office. We bring you the best dentist advice you may need from the very first day of your engagement.

1.  Consult your dentist

Depending on your teeth’ condition, many treatments require more than a few months. To ensure that you don’t rush with such time taking procedures, you must plan early by consulting your dentist. For instance, you may need 2-3 months for veneers, or It may take almost one year to align or straighten your teeth for orthodontic problems. You can get a reference for a specialist from your Kelowna dentist office.

2.  Proper cleaning of teeth

You need not whiten the teeth without cleaning them first because there is a common saying that you will never wax your car without cleaning it. You can decide whether you can manage to clean at home or you need some professional help.

3.  Don’t delay whitening

It takes a minimum of 1-2 weeks for whitening treatment to give the best results. Dentists advise not to delay it till the last moment. It will not make any difference to finish off a week earlier. Some people opt for a professional whitening treatment a day before the wedding. But it can prove to be a costly mistake because incidental gum exposure can lead to avoidable irritation, which may spoil your special day. The next best option to it can be the use of at-home treatment with a whitening tray.

4.  Oral hygiene

During the engagement period right up to your wedding day, you have enough time to think about improving oral hygiene. You must maintain the best possible oral hygiene during this golden period. You may have several issues to worry about, but dental treatment should be one of your top priorities.

5.  The right kind of diet

It is important to eat what is right for your teeth. Eating apples or munching celery has the same effects as brushing your teeth. Many raw fruits or vegetables act as natural abrasives on your teeth to keep them clean. However, always avoid food responsible for staining teeth, e.g., coffee, red wine, barbecue sauce, and vinegar.

6.  Choose your toothpaste wisely

Stop using toothpaste containing silica, a highly abrasive element. It is not good for sensitive teeth and is suitable only for teeth with heavy stains. Toothpaste with Kaolin or bentonite clay is safer and effective for removing surface stains.

7.  Alcohol-free mouthwash

If you choose the wrong mouthwash, it may do more harm than good. The alcohol found in some mouthwashes makes the tooth structure weaker by drying the composite bonds. It is better to choose a natural colorless mouthwash that is alcohol-free.

8.  Sip differently

Using a straw to drink coffee can help you avoid direct contact with teeth, thereby reducing the chances of staining considerably. By keeping bendable straws with you in your purse for a few months, you are making a smarter move because it is easier to sip differently than saying goodbye to caffeine.

9.  A few cheats

Finally, if you do not opt for an effective professional treatment to whiten your teeth, you may still look your best by following a few quick-fixes. Avoid wearing the gold ornaments as they may reflect a yellowish tone on your white teeth. Instead, opt for some sparkling earrings that will make your teeth look whiter than usual.

Another hack is to use lipstick with natural red color. The contrasting effect will make your teeth appear whiter. Even rose, pink and sheer shades of lipsticks will also do the trick. But magenta color makes the teeth appear yellow. Besides, if you have minor cracks or stains, you can lightly apply petroleum jelly over the affected area. It will be a little effective in hiding the minor defects.

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