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Choosing the Right Kelowna Wedding Cake Bakery

Buying and choosing a wedding cake can be daunting. It shouldn’t be! And with our help, it won’t. Choosing a Kelowna wedding cake should be a fun and special experience, especially since you only get to do it once. The etiquette that is involved with when to cut the cake, serve the cake, and save the cake for later can get pretty confusing, so we have done our best to break it down for you.

Order in Advance

You should typically order your cake four to six months in advance. Weddings during the months of May through October should be ordered closer to six months out, because these are busier times of year. Saturdays are also the busiest day of the week so Thursday and Friday celebrations will have better luck ordering their cake later in advance.

Do guests eat the wedding cake?

Guests do eat the cakes, but only after it has been cut by the bride and groom. Typically, it is pre-sliced for you, allowing guests to grab a piece when they choose. After that, they may eat a slice in celebration with the other guests.

Saving The Topper

This can depend on the wishes of the bride. Most of the time, the topper is packed up by a designated member of catering staff. Couples typically take it home to freeze until their first year anniversary, when stye eat it again. You may also choose to take home left overs or send it home with relatives. Sometimes guests are even allowed to take home a piece or two.

Cutting the Kelowna Wedding Cakes

The bride and groom cut the matrimonial cake and typically, the groom’s as well- in front of guests. The photographer takes pictures during this tradition as well. After that, the catering staff pre-slices dessert for the guests to eat.

Number of Tiers

This comes from an old nuptial tradition, where the bride and groom were were challenged to kiss over a very tall cake. They would have good luck if they managed not to topple the cake. This is also why couples usually kiss for pictures over their wedding cakes now.


A typical rule of thumb is to cater to 80% of the guests that you have invited. If you invite 100 guests, you only need enough cake for 80 of them, since there are usually some who don’t want to eat cake. A matrimony cake with four tiers is probably best for 80 people. These tiers should be approximately 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″.

Best Flavor

This is entirely up to you! Of course it’s important to also have a flavor that your guests will enjoy. Vanilla and chocolate are classics that never disappoint. Butter cream, raspberry, and caramel are also popular flavors that add a little decadence without being over the top.

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